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Environment:Water Resource Conservation

Initiatives for Water Resource Conservation

It is said that available fresh water is only about 0.01% of the Earth's total water resources. To save this resource, we provide products that help conserve water. We also use recycled water over and over in our production activities.

Water Resource Conservation Through Products

By thoroughly analyzing the use of water through our products, we have developed functionalities that allow a considerable amount of water conservation by utilizing water at a maximum level through improvement of water flow control and cyclic use. In fiscal 2012, we enhanced one of the criteria, water conservation, in our Green Product accreditation criteria, and speed up the development of industry-leading products that contribute to water saving.

Triple Sensor Faucet

This faucet, installed in a kitchen system, has a water-saving sensor that reacts to an object or a hand approaching close to the faucet mouth and triggers the water to run without directly touching the faucet. When the object moves away, the water stops. The faucet mechanism that controls wasteful running water has been used professionally in hotels and railway station restrooms. The device has now been adapted for the home kitchen, contributing to water conservation. When compared to washing dishes by hand, for example, approx. 6 liters of water can be conserved per day.*1

  • *1In the case of washing dishes using the ECONAVI mode, twice a day for a family of three.

Triple sensor faucet

Triple sensor faucet

Hand Washing While Saving Water

Ice Cube Maker

In the conventional ice-making process of a professional icemaker, water is poured into the machine to make ice. When moving the ice from the icemaker to the ice storage, a lot of water is used to prevent re-sticking. Now, the water that does not actually become ice has been reduced to 1.38 liters on average, significantly lowering the quantity of water necessary to make 1 kg of ice. This represents water conservation of approx. 69%*2 on average compared with our 2000 model.

  • *2At ambient temperature of 20°C, water temperature of 15°C, and power source of 100 V 50 Hz.

Ice cube maker SIM-S2500

Ice cube maker SIM-S2500

Water Resource Conservation Through Production Activities

By collecting, treating, and reusing waste water from our manufacturing processes and air conditioning systems, we reduce the amount of water use and wastewater effluent. This reduces the impact of the intake and effluent of water in production activities on water resources. With many regions around the world threatened by water shortages, we carefully select which regions to focus on to address our use of water in our manufacturing activities. In fiscal 2013, despite the decrease in production, water used at factories per basic unit of production improved by 0.7% compared with fiscal 2012.

Technopark of Panasonic India Group is designed to recycle 100% of the water used at the plant as part of the sustainable use of water resources. Ground water is used inside the plant and undergoes wastewater treatment after use. Rather than discharging the water into sewage or rivers, it is reused as toilet flushing water and for lawn sprinkling, and is recirculated again as ground water. Also, the necessary ground water level for the land area has been calculated to prevent water consumption beyond what is necessary, thereby contributing to ground water preservation.

We will continue to reduce our water use despite increasing production volumes, foster increased water recycling, and reduce water usage at more of our factories in priority regions such as China and other Asian countries and across the world. We will also designate some of our facilities as model factories for water saving across the Group.

Technopark Water Recycling System, Panasonic India

Amount of Water Consumption

Note: SANYO Electric and PLD at that time not included in fiscal 2009 through 2010.

Breakdown of Water Consumption (by region)

(10,000 m3)

Region Municipal water/industrial water Rivers/lakes Groundwater Consumed Discharged
Japan 1,209 17 1,937 3,163 2,573
North America 42 0 0 42 34
Latin America 0 0 13 14 0
Europe 12 0 5 18 18
Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa 468 4 61 533 360
China & Northeast Asia 729 0 14 743 448
Total 2,461 22 2,030 4,513 3,432

Water Consumption Per Basic Unit of Consolidated Sales*3 for Fiscal 2013

Global 6.18m³⁄ million yen
  • *3Water consumption per basic unit of consolidated sales= water consumption⁄ consolidated sales.




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