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Fair Operating Practices:Rules and System

Fair Trade

Rules Concerning Activities and Relationships with Competitors

Panasonic has rules concerning activities with competitors that were drawn up to prevent cartels, bid rigging and behavior that invites suspicion of these activities. These rules apply to all group employees.
The rules encompass the following.

  • Prohibition of cartels, bid rigging and behavior that invites suspicion of these activities, such as exchanging information and making arrangements for product prices, quantities, performance and specifications
  • Mandatory rejection of inappropriate behavior and reporting of possible violations of these rules
  • Actions to take if there is a violation, and an internal leniency policy

Prior Informed Consent

Panasonic has a prior informed consent system in place, mandating that division directors and legal managers are informed prior to directors and employees establishing contact with competitors.

Prevention of Corruption

Prohibition of Bribery of Public Officials

Panasonic has rules concerning interactions with public officials that prohibit the bribery of public officials and behavior that arouses suspicion of gift-giving.
These rules state that employees must not offer, promise, propose, or consent to anything that may benefit public officials in order to obtain or retain a business transaction.
The rules also lay out specific standards and approval processes for meals/entertainment and other benefits while meeting with public officials. The rules prohibit direct payoffs to public officials, as well as indirect payoffs to public officials through consultants, agencies, lobbyists and other business partners. Accordingly, the utmost care must be taken when evaluating and selecting business partners, and provisions prohibiting such bribery must be included in contracts with business partners.
If behavior in violation of these rules is discovered, the behavior is strictly dealt with while actions are swiftly taken to remedy the situation.

Entertainment Expenses

Expenditures for gifts to customers and business entertainment must follow a process that requires prior authorization, follow-up reports and confirmation that the expense was not for a public official. These rules are a part of our thorough efforts to prevent corruptive behavior before it can happen.

Ensuring Transparency in Political Contributions

Following Nippon Keidanren (Japan Economic Federation) 's perspective on political contributions, our purpose is to encourage policy integrity, the healthy development of representative democracy, and transparency in political donations, in the establishment of strict rules on political contributions.
Our political donations follow the rule of relevant laws, such as the Political Funds Control Act. At the same time, we undertake appropriate screening measures to confirm in advance that the recipients of donations are engaging in legitimate political activities and belong to organizations with which we can concur.
In Japan, political organizations are required by law to disclose income and expenditures of political funds. This information can be found in official gazettes, prefectural government publications, and websites.

Fair Procurement Activities

In Rules Concerning Business Entertainment Provided by Suppliers, etc., Panasonic has strict rules that prohibit the acceptance of after-hours dining and entertainment, monetary gifts, merchandise, real estate, accommodations and other forms of payoffs from current or potential future business partners from which Panasonic purchases goods or services.
In the event that a violation of these rules is discovered, it must be reported to one’s manager and relevant divisions such as the personnel and legal affairs departments, or through a hotline established in accordance with internal reporting rules. Disciplinary action is also taken with persons found to have violated the rules.




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