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STANDARD DISCLOSURES PART I: Profile Disclosures Location and Notes at Sustainability Report 2013(PDF)
Strategy and Analysis 1.1 Message from our president P7
1.2 Key impacts, risks, and opportunities P8,9-11,22-29
Organizational Profile 2.1-2.9 Organizational profile, reporting scale, and changes to organization P4
See also our Annual Report 2013.
2.10 Awards received P216
Report Parameters 3.1-3.3, 3.5 Reporting period, cycle, past reports, and process for defining report content P1
3.4 Contact point Back cover
3.6-3.8 Boundary of the report P1
3.9 Data measurement techniques We have used data measurement techniques consistent with global standards. More information on specific measurements and calculations is included in the relevant Pages of this report and throughout our other annual reports.
3.10-3.11 Significant changes or re-statements from previous reporting periods There are no significant changes or re-statements of information provided in earlier reports.
3.12 Standard report disclosure P209-215
3.13 External assurance policy and practice P1
Governance, Commitments, and Engagement 4.1-4.7,
Corporate governance structure, policies, and arrangements P12-21
4.8 Statements of mission or values, codes of conduct, and principles P6-7,149
4.11 Precautionary approach or principle P22-29
4.12 Endorsement of externally developed charters and principles P149,156
4.13 Memberships in associations and advocacy organizations We exercise leadership in the Nippon Keidanren, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), CSR Europe, Japan Business Council in Europe, and Business for Social Responsibility.
4.14 List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization P9-11,94
We currently do not provide a full list of our engagements.
4.15-4.17 Approach to stakeholder engagement P9-11,94
We currently do not provide a full list of our engagements.

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STANDARD DISCLOSURES PART II: Disclosures on Management Approach (DMA) Location and Notes at Sustainability Report 2013(PDF)
Economic Economic performance and market presence

See also our Annual Report 2013.

Indirect economic impacts P197-208
Environment Materials P30-36,64-74,81-85,90-93
Energy P30-63,92-93,100-121
Water P30-38,78-80,92-93
Biodiversity P30-38,89-91
Emissions, effluents and waste P30-38,64-65,75-80,85-88,100-121
Products and services P30-36,39-51,57,64-74,78,81-85,91,100-121
Compliance P30-32,36-38,126-128
Transport P30-32,58-61,92-93
Overall P30-38,94-98,122-125,129-133
Labor Employment P166
Labor/management relations P161-162
Occupational health and safety P181-188
Training and education P168-173
Diversity and equal opportunity P174-180
Human Rights Investment and procurement practices P190-191,193-196
Non-discrimination P160
Freedom of association and collective bargaining P161-162
Child labor and forced and compulsory labor P160
Security practices P156-158,160
Indigenous rights We currently do not have an explicit management approach on indigenous rights.
Assessment and remediation P163-165
Society Local communities P197-208
Corruption P151
Public policy P195-196
Anti-competitive behavior P151
Compliance P149-155
Product Responsibility Customer health and safety P134-138
Product and service labeling and marketing communications P139-144,147-148
Customer privacy P145-146
Compliance P134-138

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STANDARD DISCLOSURES PART III: Performance Indicators Location and Notes at Sustainability Report 2013(PDF)
Environment EN1 Materials used by weight or volume P64-65,81-88,92-93,129
EN2 Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials P64-65,92-93,129
EN3-EN4 Direct and indirect energy consumption by primary source P52-56,58-61,92-93,129
EN5* Energy saved due to conservation and efficiency improvements P39-40,52-56,58-61,92-93,100-121
EN6* Initiatives for energy-efficient or renewable energy based products P33-36,39-51,57,100-121
EN7* Initiatives for indirect energy consumption reductions P39-56,58-63,92-93,100-121
EN8 Water withdrawal by source P78-80,129
EN10* Water recycled and reused P78-80
EN11 Location and size of land in areas of high biodiversity value P89-91
We currently do not disclose the size of land.
EN12 Significant impacts on biodiversity P89-91
EN14* Strategies, current actions, and future plans for managing impacts on biodiversity P30-32,89-93
Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by weight P52-56,59-62,92-93,129
EN18* Initiatives for greenhouse gas emissions reductions P39-63,92-93,100-121
EN19 Emissions of ozone-depleting substances by weight P87-88
EN20 NOx, SOx, and other significant air emissions by type and weight P87-88
EN21 Water discharge by quality and destination P78-80
We currently do not disclose water discharge by quality and destination.
EN22 Waste by type and disposal method P76-77
EN23 Significant spills P126
EN26* Initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts of products P33-36,39-51,64-74,78,81-85,91,100-121
EN27* Percentage of products sold and their packaging materials reclaimed P64-74
We currently do not disclose the percentage of the packaging materials reclaimed.
EN28 Significant fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance P126
We currently do not disclose significant fines.
EN29* Environmental impacts of transporting products P59-62
EN30* Environmental protection expenditures and investments by type P130
Labor Practices and Decent Work LA1 Workforce by employment type, employment contract, and region P166
LA2 Employee turnover by age group, gender, and region P166
LA4-5 Collective bargaining agreements and minimum notice period(s) P161-162
LA7-8 Injury, occupational diseases, lost days, absenteeism, work-related fatalities, and programs for serious diseases P181-188
LA10 Employee training P168-173
LA13 Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees P176-179
LA14 Basic salary of men to women P176
LA15 Return to work and retention rates after parental leave
Human Rights HR1-4 Investment agreements that include human rights clauses. suppliers and contractors that have undergone screening on human rights, training on human rights, and incidents of discrimination P156
We currently do not provide data for the percentage and number of agreements, screenings, and trainings on human rights
HR5-7 Freedom of association, collective bargaining, child labor, and forced and compulsory labor P161-162
HR10-11 Human rights assessment and remediation P163
Society SO1, 9-10 Practices that assess impacts of operations on communities, operations with significant negative impacts, and prevention and mitigation measures P197-208
SO2-4 Business units analyzed for risks related to corruption, anti-corruption policies and procedures, and actions taken in response to incidents of corruption P155
SO5 Public policy engagement P195-196
By exercising leadership in the Nippon Keidanren, JEITA, CSR Europe, and Japan Business Council in Europe, we participate in influencing or developing public policies.
SO8 Significant fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance P155
Product Responsibility PR1 Assessment of health and safety impacts of products P134-138
PR3 Type of product and service information required by procedures P137-138
PR5* Practices related to customer satisfaction P139-144
PR6 Marketing communications P147-148
PR9 Significant fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance P137-138
Economic EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed P4
See also our Annual Report
EC2 Financial implications and other risks due to climate change P39-40
EC3 Coverage of the organization's defined benefit plan obligations See Annual Securities Report
EC4 Financial assistance received from government No significant financial assistance was received from government.
EC6 Policy, practices, and proportion of spending on locally based suppliers P190-196
EC7 Local hiring and proportion of management from the local community P176-177
EC8 Infrastructure investments provided primarily for public benefit P197-208
EC9* Indirect economic impacts P197-208

*Additional indicators




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