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Human Rights:Performance Evaluation and Development

Code of Conduct Training

Fair Operating Practices:Performance Evaluation and Development

Overseas Human Resources and Labor Assessment

Panasonic demonstrates its respect for human rights in various ways in countries in which it does business. This respect for human rights begins with strict compliance with the laws and regulations of each country and a broad and thorough understanding of its Code of Conduct.
One specific example is our overseas human resources and labor assessment system that was launched in 2007 to manage human resources and labor overseas. Composed of approximately 300 items, the checklist includes whether its labor management is proper and consistent with local labor laws (e.g. statutory working hours, minimum wage) and local employment systems and practices, and whether there are any potential labor-related risk factors that may affect its business or give rise to trouble.
After their self-assessment, assessors or designated members of their Companies and business divisions in Japan do the final checking under the auspices of the regional headquarters.
"Assessor training courses" are held regularly to develop assessors and systematically enhance their checking skills. Looking forward, we will enhance our labor management capabilities around the world through close coordination between Japan and overseas countries and bolster our capabilities to respect human rights throughout our business.

Countries and regions covered as a priority: China and Asia




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