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Materiality Analysis

Selection Process for Reporting Material Issues

Taking into consideration global requirements concerning sustainability
Panasonic undertakes a variety of initiatives while respecting international rules and guidelines.

Global standards, norms, guidelines and initiatives related to sustainability

Initiatives Underway to Address Global Requirements

As a global corporation with businesses around the world, Panasonic fulfils its social responsibilities by respectfully following international norms and guidelines related to sustainability and reporting on related activities, such as ISO 26000, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and GRI. In line with these standards, Panasonic measures the negative impact of its activities on local communities and international society, and makes concerted efforts to reduce this negative impact while working to expand its positive impact on society.

These initiatives are outlined in our Environmental Action Plan and others, and include utilization of the PDCA cycle as a part of our efforts to steadily improve. We also focus on raising awareness of sustainability among employees through compliance training and environmental education programs on a global basis.

Dialog with our stakeholders
We report with a focus on high-priority matters while considering interests, concerns and expectations of our stakeholders.

In order to continue growing over the longer term while contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, Panasonic believes it is necessary to engage in dialog with stakeholders to understand their interests, concerns and expectations, and then reflect this into management.

Panasonic is constantly engaged in dialog with its stakeholders all over the world, including customers, employees, shareholders, investors, suppliers, national governments, local governments, industrial groups, NPOs, NGOs, and local communities. The Company prioritizes the activities it undertakes and reflects their outcome in reports. Panasonic proactively engages in dialog with partners involved in B-to-B businesses, one of Panasonic’s growth strategies in recent years, and investors interested in spreading socially responsible investment (SRI).

Main Ways of Engaging in Dialog


  • ·Brand surveys of customers around the world
  • ·Voice of customers (VOC) system


  • ·Employee satisfaction survey
  • ·Management-Labor Committees and Labor-Management Councils


  • ·Scheduled investor relations activities
  • ·Investor interest surveys


  • ·Procurement seminars and presentations
  • ·ECO-VC activity

National governments and industrial groups

  • ·Welcome visits by overseas government officials

NPOs and NGOs

  • ·Multiple stakeholder collaborations
  • ·Cooperation with groups focused on a local community

Environmental communication

  • ·Exchange of opinions with governments
  • ·Dialog with experts around the world




Resources for future

Special Program for Touhoku "Smiling for Sure 2021"

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